Environmental Sustainabliity

Because we use no grapes we have created a wine making environment that has many advantages for eco conservation.  Below are the facts regarding this new style of wine making.  No longer does a winery need to strip the land and plant and irrigate a vineyard.   

1.  Saccharo Wine uses 400% less water.

We dont need to irrigate.  It takes over a gallon per day to irrigate grapes, 365 days a year.  For every glass of Pearson Brothers you drink you are saving 400 glasses of  water that would have been lost to irrigation.  Wildflowers are naturally irrigated and honey from crops can be obtained without any extra irrigation to the crop.  

2.  Saccharo Wine requires no damage to Native Habitat.

Our wildflowers are the grapes for our wine.  We have no need to destroy native habitat or environments to plant grapes.  Saccharo winemaking creates a value to native habitat and an additional value to other crops that can be harvested for their pollen and honey.  In addition no pesticides or herbecides need to be used.  Nature takes care of itself.  Because Saccharo wine uses a blend of natural ingredients there is alreay a steady supply ready.  We have zero need to clear cut watershed areas.  Our 63 acre location is a wildlife reserve and protected natural habitat filed with the county of San Diego.  Our ancient Riparian Oak Forrest and watershed will remain untouched for generations to come.

3.  Saccharo Wine helps save bees and promote the health of bee colonies.

Others talk about conservation and helping beekeepers with donations.  Our business directly uses their services as a huge part of our production.  Saccharo wine making injects a sizeable amount of revenue directly to beekeepers and the bees they take care of.  To us its not just something to donate to, its a way of doing business.