Our Story

In the back of the Helicopter flight nurse Micahel Pearson checks his patient.  Their  metabolism is falling, he must act quick to save a life.  He will use his training to create the most favorable conditions for life, a perfect scenario, its this attention to detail and critical thinking that created the art of Saccharo Winemaking. 

In 2010 Master Winecrafter and Helicopter Flight Nurse Michael Pearson began a personal experiment in the art of winemaking.  He had surmised that the most variable part of the winemaking process was the grapes.  Good, Bad, sweet or tart, there were so many things that the grape gave us but so many things it didn't.  What if he could create something better than grape juice by blending different types of already existing agricultural products like sugar, honey, fruit zest and other natural flavors like vanilla?  This began a 3 year process of blending and fermenting various mixes until he had found the perfect blend.  This blend was fermented with a Champange yeast in a sterile controled climate environment.  Using his new Cold Convection centrally cooled fermentation system he was able to keep the process to a perfect temperature that resulted in the smoothest most delicious wine we had ever had.  We started to give it out as gifts to friends and family.  The response was amazing.  People asked us to start selling it.  His brother Dale, a Diving Specialy Contractor teamed up with him to be the "Sales Guy" and they went to get a license!   In 2017 our all natural grapeless wine was approved by the Federal Govt. and we were in business!

As a result of not having a vineyard, we are able to provide a great product over and over with little variation from each numbered batch.  There are many many benefits to not using grapes, and after years of dedicated Winecrafting we have found what we believe to be an amazing way to give us great wine and protect our natural resources.

We now have multiple styles of or Saccharo but are still a small family owned operation.